Watch Tesla Model S crash into construction barrier [Video]

An apparently related forum post suggests Autopilot was active when the accident occurred.

A Tesla Autopilot accident in a construction zone may have been caught on video.

Dashcam footage posted on Instagram shows a Model S cruising down a Texas highway. When both lanes suddenly shift onto the median to avoid a construction site, the sedan keeps going straight and crashes into a Jersey wall.

An Electrek report connects the dashcam footage to a Reddit post from the driver of a Model S involved in an accident, apparently matching the scenario from the dashcam footage.

"The car is AP1 (first generation Autopilot) and I've never had any problems until today. Autopilot was on and didn't give me a warning," the author wrote. "It misread the road and hit the barrier."

Taking a closer look at the footage, the construction site did not include clear road markings to guide traffic onto the median. The original line markers as still visible, potentially confusing the Autopilot system. The construction zone markings are obviously less than ideal, but not necessarily uncommon on highways throughout the US.

Tesla clearly warns drivers that they must remain attentive and keep their hands on the wheel at all times. If Autopilot was active during the crash, the video demonstrates how quickly an accident can unfold if the driver does not instantly recognize a failure and take over control.

After investigating the first fatal Autopilot crash, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declined to push for a recall but did suggest Tesla's information about system limitations is "not as specific as it could be."

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