Lamborghini delivers new Huracan Polizia pursuit vehicle

The latest super police car will be used by the Italian Highway Patrol in Bologna.

Lamborghini has delivered another Huracán Polizia Polizia pursuit vehicle to the Italian police.

The latest police-modified supercar will be used by the Highway Patrol in Bologna, serving both as a law enforcement tool and a high-speed vehicle for urgently transporting blood and organs.

The Highway Patrol in Rome has had a single Huracán in its fleet since 2015. Earlier Lamborghini models include the 2009 Gallardo Polizia, which will be returned from Lamborghini's museum to the Highway Patrol Auto Museum in Rome.

The new Huracán is clad in the Italian Police official Medium Blue color scheme, while the interior has received a computer, recording equipment and video camera to help document police operations on the road. Police also have access to an array of standard equipment including VHF radio, gun holsters and traffic control signs.

When used as a medical transport, the car boasts an integrated refrigeration system and a defibrillator.

The Italian police have already used their Lamborghini fleet to handle several medical operations including several 'crossover' chain kidney transplants, one involving six patients and another with three.

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