New York LIVE: Genesis GV80 fuel cell SUV concept

Genesis wraps a FCV concept in its future SUV design.

Hyundai luxury subsidiary Genesis traveled to New York to unveil its concept for future SUV design, showing a potential two-row crossover in the guise of a fuel cell concept.

It's no secret that Genesis needs some CUV/SUV entries if it expects to make a meaningful push into the current luxury landscape. This two-row, four-seat concept gives us an idea of what we may expect to see in the coming years.

The GV80's exterior design is anchored up front by the signature Genesis grille, looking particularly strong here given the amount of real estate dedicated to it. This is further accentuated by a second opening below the lower point, giving it an almost Bentley-esque nose.

Flanking the grille are two-tiered headlights made up of rows of separate LED strips. Below these sit two aerodynamic "air curtain" inlets which open over 23-inch wheels.

The inlet design translates into outlets behind the wheels--likely designed to serve double-duty as hydrogen venting ports. Matching cooling ducts appear on the rear fascia.

Inside, the concept boasts a two-tiered display, with a large, curved screen serving as a infotainment and control hub and a second, smaller cluster display for vital driving functions.

Live photos by Brian Williams.

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