Study: Buyer interest in EVs now on par with pickups

The AAA survey found that more than 30 million Americans are considering an electric vehicle for their next car.

Buyer interest in electric vehicles has recently surged, with 30 million Americans now considering an EV for their next car, according to an AAA survey.

Around 15 percent of respondents said they were likely to buy an electric vehicle next. Surprisingly, the group interested in EVs is said to be just as large as the number of potential buyers focused on pickup trucks.

"Millennials are even more accepting of electric vehicles, with nearly one-in-five interested in going electric for their next car," the AAA says.

The organization credits Tesla with helping "widen the appeal" of electric vehicles by demonstrating that they can be "stylish, performance-focused and filled with cutting-edge technology." The latest models also have longer ranges and lower costs.

"Concern for the environment remains the primary motivating factor for electric vehicle shoppers, but AAA also found that lower long-term costs, desire for the latest technology and access to car pool lanes are all influential," the report adds. "With their extended range and flexibility, hybrid vehicles are also desirable to Americans, with nearly one third (32 percent) likely to buy the gasoline- and battery-powered alternative."

Many major automakers expect electrified vehicles to account for a significant portion of sales in the near future.

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