2019 Chevrolet Silverado spied, retains steel bed?

Sneaky spies confirm Chevrolet\'s continued use of steel in its body work.

Spies caught the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado testing in the wild this week, and as an added bonus, appear to have confirmed that Chevrolet is sticking with steel as its material of choice for the next generation of its bread-and-butter pickup.

How'd they figure that out, you ask? Well, being the resourceful (and brazen) folks that they are, they simply walked up to the mule as it was stuck in traffic and held a magnet to the camouflaged bed side to see if it would stick. They even sent along a video of themselves doing it, satisfying "thump" of metal and all.

Confirmed, right? Well, for the time being, at least. Given the extent of the camouflage on this engineering example, it's difficult to say how far along the truck is or how likely it is to remain in this exact configuration for the duration of its development. That said, vehicles sporting this robust of a disguise are usually fairly close to their production bodies. Otherwise, there wouldn't be much to hide (and they likely wouldn't be on public roads in the first place).

The rumors of aluminum and other weight-saving strategies are still swirling around the new Silverado, so we expect that when all is said and done, we'll find out that it is being used elsewhere in the truck's body and/or chassis. Pieces such as hoods and doors have long been targets for automakers seeking low-hanging fruit in the weight reduction department, and given that those parts should receive less wear and tear than the bed, they may be prime targets for Chevrolet's engineers.

The mule pictured was also equipped with some form of auto stop/start (also confirmed by the video provided of the magnet test), likely marking the return of the mild hybridization systems with which GM has been experimenting off and on (forgive us) in recent years. We should know more about the Silverado's engineering and powertrain enhancements soon enough, as the new pickup is expected to hit dealer lots next year.

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