Spied: Lynk & Co 03 sedan

Lynk & Co\'s 03 sedan is inching closer to production.

Lynk & Co's upcoming 03 mid-size sedan has been spotted undergoing shakedown testing in Europe. The 03 was previewed in concept form earlier this year at the Shanghai Motor Show.

As a refresher, Lynk & Co is an upstart automaker owned by Volvo parent Geely. The Chinese company hasn't yet produced a vehicle, but Lynk & Co plan to build an 01 SUV model in addition to the 03 sedan seen here.

Not much is known about the 03, but it's believed to ride on a version of the CMA architecture that underpins smaller Volvo models. Lynk & Co is focused on the lower end of the auto market, so the 03 will likely be powered by conventional powertrains.

Despite its camouflage and awkward-looking lights, it's clear that the 03's overall look will closely mirror that of its concept counterpart. Those tacked-on lighting fixtures will be streamlined once the 03 nears production ready.

The 03 will have a couple of unique selling features once it does enter regular production. Taking a page out of Tesla's book, Lynk & Co plans to sell the 03 online only. The company might also offer the mid-size sedan on some kind of subscription-based service. Lynk & Co also plans to offer the 03 with unlimited internet connectivity and a lifetime warranty.

The Lynk & Co 03 is expected to go on sale in China sometime next year.

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