Chevy Silverado owners complain of shaking at highway speed

NHTSA records suggest some owners are experiencing vibration despite new tires, wheel rotation and balancing service.

General Motors' latest Chevrolet Silverado is reportedly causing a headache for some buyers who report violent shaking at highway speed.

One owner, Mike Hollingsworth, told KSHB he began experiencing the 'Shakerado' vibrations within the first few weeks of ownership. His local service department has allegedly failed to remedy the problem and said the shaking is within an acceptable range.

"The seats start vibrating, the floorboard vibrates - it feels like a wheel's out of balance," he said.

Other complaints in the NHTSA database claim vibration problems persist despite wheel rotation, balancing and even new tires. Many reports cite problems with just a few hundred miles on the odometer.

The third-generation Silverado was introduced for the 2014 model year. Its platform is also shared with the GMC Sierra and some of GM's full-size SUVs.

The company has not publicly acknowledged the complaints.

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