Tokyo: Honda Sports EV Concept

Honda\'s follow-up to its Urban EV concept is just as eye-catching.

Honda followed up its stellar Frankfurt debut of the Urban EV Concept with another stunner this week at the Tokyo Motor Show. Meet the (appropriately named) Sports EV Concept.

The Sports EV Concept is believed to ride on the same platform as the aforementioned Civic-inspired hatchback shown in Germany, and the idea behind it is identical too: Combine newfangled technology with nostalgia-inspired styling to attract interest from just about everybody.

Honda teased the concept weeks ago, giving us just a sketch of the rear 3/4 view. Now we have full renderings of the coupe, which is clearly inspired by the company's S-series coupes of the 1960s--most notably the S600 and S800.

The company says the Sports EV Concept "combines EV performance and AI (artificial intelligence) inside a compact body with the aim to realize the joy of driving the user can feel with a sense of unity with the car."

All we want to hear is whether they plan to build it. Honda claims its Urban EV Concept will become a global production model in short order. If the Sports EV is indeed based on the same platform, it would make sense for its production viability to be similar.

However, that leaves us wondering which wheels it might end up powering if that's indeed the case. Theoretically, an EV platform could accommodate multiple powertrain layouts with relative ease thanks to the compact nature of modern electric drive motors.

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