Singer's latest Porsche 911 restoration boasts 500-hp flat six

The restoration boasts a deeper level of engineering analysis, including CFD-optimized aerodynamic tweaks and enhanced suspension geometry.

Singer has revealed the fruits of its "dynamics and lightweighting study" completed with help from F1 experts at Williams Advanced Engineering, putting a modern spin on a 1990 Porsche 964.

The Williams team worked with Porsche veteran engineer Hans Mezger to build a naturally aspirated, air-cooled flat-six engine that produces 500 horsepower, essentially doubling output from the original 27-year-old engine.

The latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques were used to optimize modest underbody and exterior aerodynamic tweaks, improving performance without drastically altering the coupe's original aesthetics.

Engineers also reworked the car's suspension geometry and added broader adjustability. Other customizations include special Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, 18-inch BBS wheels, Brembo brakes with composite rotors, and a lightweight Hewland transmission.

Swapping parts for customized components built from magnesium, titanium and carbon fiber helped slash vehicle weight to just 2,180 pounds.

"On a technical level, the study has been fascinating and has resulted in an incredible restoration with the benefit of top drawer resources and modern science," says Singer founder and creative director Rob Dickinson. "Artistically it has been a second chance to connect with the machine on a new level."

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