Audi hints at new flagship coupe to take on BMW 8 Series

The company has \"many ideas\" for a new luxury two-door model, but four other models take higher priority on the near-term roadmap.

Audi design boss Marc Lichte apparently hopes to develop a rival to the BMW 8 Series, though he cautions that a luxury two-door flagship is not a top priority.

"I love the shape of a two-door coupe, but it is also true that the volumes are much lower than for four-doors," he told Autocar.

Lichte first showed his vision for Audi's design language via the Prologue Concept in 2014. The coupe previewed new technology and fresh styling for the redesigned A8, but Audi has been hesitant to greenlight the rumored A9 as a newcomer to the family.

"First we must launch the A6, then we have the Q8 next year, A1 and Q3," Lichte says.

The comments do not explicitly reject the idea of an A9 for 2019 or later. The company will presumably be closely monitoring the 8 Series launch to better gauge demand.

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