Mercedes-Benz reveals AI-powered MBUX infotainment system

The system attempts to predict what a user will like next, presenting a phone number if the driver typically calls a certain person on that day of the week.

Mercedes-Benz has outlined its new MBUX infotainment system, powered by Nvidia's artificial-intelligence hardware.

Prediction features attempt to anticipate the user's likely next action while behind the wheel. Examples include phone contacts, navigation destinations or radio station changes, which will appear on a list of suggestions for quick confirmation.

"For instance, anyone who often telephones their mother on Tuesdays during the journey home will receive her telephone number as a suggestion on the display on this day of the week," the company says. "And if the navigation system detects a route frequently driven, navigation to this destination is started in the background."

Notably, MBUX attempts to blend the benefits of powerful cloud-based servers with advanced onboard capabilities. When a driver gives a voice command, it is processed locally and sent to a remote server. The best choice is then picked automatically and a response is given within seconds. But if no internet connection is available, the system automatically responds based on its in-car hardware.

Aside from the AI features, MBUX offers expansive views on multiple displays, multi-touch input, smartwatch integration, Android/iOS support and the full range of other features that are now becoming commonplace on premium infotainment platforms.

Unlike many other 'concept' user-experience displays at CES, MBUX has already been confirmed for production in the 2018 A-Class.

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