Mazda named most fuel efficient brand by EPA

It\'s Mazda\'s fifth-straight year leading the pack.

Mazda has nabbed the top spot in the Environmental Protection Agency's Light Duty Fuel Economy Trends Report for the fifth consecutive year.

The EPA's report is essentially a summary of an automaker's fleet-wide average fuel economy for a particular model year. The report runs a year behind, so this year's summary focuses on the 2016 model year.

According to the EPA's findings, Mazda topped all other automakers with an adjusted average fuel economy of 29.6mpg, marking a 0.4mpg improvement over the previous model year. Hyundai (28.8mpg), Honda (28.2mpg), Subaru (28.1mpg) and Nissan (27.9mpg) rounded out the top five.

The Big Three domestic automakers, all of which rely heavily on truck sales, fared the worst in the report. Fiat Chrysler was at the bottom of the list with an average fuel economy of 21.8mpg, followed by General Motors with a 22.2mpg average and Ford with an average of 22.8mpg.

Although the EPA's findings for the 2017 model year are incomplete at this time, the agency's preliminary findings indicate Mazda won't spend a sixth consecutive year atop the chart. The EPA expects Mazda's average economy to drop to 29.3mpg while the agency predicts Honda's average rating will climb to 29.5mpg.

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