Mustang hits 150 mph on I-70 in Colorado; police stand down

The \"older-model\" Mustang was going too fast for state troopers to get a look at its license plate.

A Mustang driver has successfully eluded police after a brief chase on Interstate 70 in Colorado.

State troopers clocked the older-model Mustang going 140 mph approximately 10 miles west of Glenwood Springs, entering an area with relatively tight highway curves, according to a Denver Post report.

Troopers initially pursued the vehicle, however the driver accelerated to 150 mph rather than slowing down. Police consequently called off the chase.

"It's extremely reckless, especially with people who haven't been trained to drive at those speeds," said Colorado State Patrol spokesman Gary Cooper.

Police never got close enough to catch a glimpse of the Mustang's license plate.

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