Ford to launch Mustang hybrid in 2020

The company hopes the electrified Mustang will help further \'unlock\' overseas markets such as China and Europe.

Ford is apparently fast-tracking development of a hybrid Mustang, one of 13 new electrified vehicles promised by 2021.

The Mustang recently staked its claim as the best-selling global sports coupe for the third year in a row. Adding a turbocharged, fuel-sipping EcoBoost configuration has apparently helped boost sales in overseas markets.

First confirmed early last year, the hybrid Mustang is said to be on target for a 2020 debut, according to a Detroit Bureau interview with Ford marketing manager Corey Holter.

"A hybrid Mustang will help further unlock Mustang's potential in some of those markets," he added.

Additional details are being kept under wraps for now. The company has promised its electrified Mustang will not be solely focused on fuel efficiency, however, with "V8 power" and "even more low-end torque."

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