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Byton shows K-Byte autonomous sedan for 2021

by Justin King

The all-electric sedan centers around Level 4 autonomous driving technology.

EV startup Byton has revealed its second concept, the K-Byte, presenting a sedan that could be sold alongside the company's M-Byte SUV.

The K-Byte has been designed around SAE Level 4 autonomous driving. Lidar sensors deploy when operating in autonomous mode and retract when a human driver is manually piloting the vehicle.

The company has partnered with Aurora, a startup founded by the former head of Google's autonomous car project, to secure autonomous driving technology. To be clear, neither Byton nor Aurora have demonstrated Level 4 on a commercial scale. Aurora is considered one of the most promising prospective suppliers, however, and is working on several parallel partnerships with established players such as Hyundai.

Byton says it will begin testing prototype cars equipped with Aurora's technology by 2021. The K-Byte is said to be slated for 2021. The company's promises will likely be shrouded in skepticism, thanks to a long line of industry failures including Faraday Future.