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NTSB: Tesla Model S was going 116 mph before fatal crash

by Justin King

Like another high-speed crash involving a Model X, the Model S\' battery reignited twice after the accident.

The Tesla Model S involved in a fatal crash in May was traveling 116 mph in a 30 mph zone before losing control, according to the National Transportation Safety Board's preliminary report.

The Fort Lauderdale accident killed the 18-year-old driver and the front passenger after the vehicle crashed and caught on fire, while a rear-seat passenger was ejected and survived.

The NTSB review found that the vehicle attempted to slow from triple-digit speeds as it approached a tight corner with a 25-mph advisory speed. The driver was only able to bring the car down to 86 mph before the airbags and restraint pretensioners activated.

Mirroring the post-crash fires observed in a high-speed Model X crash in California, the Model S' battery reignited when it was being loaded for removal from the scene and a second time after it arrived at the storage yard.

Notably, the father of the driver in the Fort Lauderdale crash had asked Tesla to implement a maximum speed after his son had received a 112-mph speeding ticket a few months before the crash, according to a SunSentinel report.

Following the accident, Tesla introduced a new speed-limiting mode that allows parents to set a maximum limit between 50 mph and 90 mph.

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