GM plans to dominate sedans as rivals flee

The company believes car sales have bottomed out and still represent a significant chunk of overall vehicle sales.

General Motors is apparently planning to take advantage of the decline in sedan sales.

As customers continue to gravitate toward crossovers and SUVs, some automakers have begun to thin down their sedan lineup to focus on more popular models.

GM sees its rivals' reactions as an opportunity to take market share, believing car sales have hit a floor and will now level out.

"As other people are making noise about leaving the car business or thrifting back their portfolio, there's still business to be had there," Chevrolet's marketing boss for cars and crossovers, Steve Majoros, said at a recent event attended by Automotive News. "It's just going about the business in a smart fashion.

The company says cars will represent 32 percent of US sales this year, down from 46 percent just four years ago. The midsize car segment is said to be down 15 percent this year, but compact and midsize cars still account for 20 percent of all vehicles sold.

"If other competitors are leaving, we're very happy to pick up that business, and we'll certainly do that," Majoros added.

With a $25,000 price tag and sporty flair, the upcoming Malibu RS will be among the brand's new entries to help attract the remaining buyers in the sedan segment.

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