Lada previews first new Niva in 42 years

The original Niva made its debut in 1976.

The original Lada Niva made its debut in 1976. The list of cars introduced that year includes the Mercedes-Benz w123, the original BMW 6 Series, and the Porsche 924. Unlike the aforementioned models, the Niva remains in production and it has changed very little over the past 42 years. Lada warns fans the model will soon retire.

The company traveled to the 2018 Moscow auto show to unveil a concept called 4x4 Vision that sheds insight into what we to expect from the Niva's replacement. The company won't try to bury its heritage, and the concept clearly shares some styling cues with the Niva currently in production, including lights above the headlights. In this case they're daytime running lights; in the Niva they're the turn signals.

The vents behind the rear-most window are also a tribute to the Niva, as is the overall silhouette. It morphs into a four-door model but designers concealed the rear door handles to preserve the original Niva's two-door style.

There's no word on what powers the 4x4 Vision concept.

The new Lada Niva -- a model called simply Lada 4x4 in its home market -- is still a few years away from hitting showrooms. As we previously reported, it's being developed in-house and it will not, contrary to common rumors, share parts with the Dacia Duster.

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