FCA to retire Chrysler 300, bring Portal EV to market?

The 300 is expected to be eliminated from FCA's lineup in 2020.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is reportedly planning to retire the Chrysler 300 and fill the void with a production version of the Portal concept.

The 300's demise has been rumored for many years. Automotive News now claims the sedan will finally be retired in 2020, capping a decade-long production run for the second generation.

The move will not fulfill related rumors of plans to kill the entire Chrysler brand, however. FCA is said to be bringing the Portal all-electric minivan concept to market by 2020.

If true, Chrysler will become a minivan exclusive brand entering the next decade with the Pacifica and Portal.

It is unclear if FCA is still moving forward with the rumored plan to launch a Hellcat-powered 300 sometime this year. The report also did not mention the fate of the 300's stablemates, the Dodge Charger and Challenger, which are built on the same platform.

The late FCA chief Sergio Marchionne earlier this year suggested the company had ditched rumored plans to build a next-gen Challenger and Charger on Alfa Romeo's Giorgio architecture. Instead, he pointed to a "significant upgrade" to the current architecture, which traces back to the W210-chassis Mercedes-Benz E-Class that was retired in 2003 during the DaimlerChrysler era.

"Certainly by the time we finish with that architecture, you will not recognize its origins," he promised at the time. "We may maintain its bare-bones structure."

The executive admitted that the Giorgio platform is more aligned with European performance and size requirements rather than an American muscle car.

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