2020 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 leaked

The snake is out of the bag.

Ford had big plans for the 2019 Detroit auto show. It wanted to stun attendees by revealing the 2020 Shelby Mustang GT500, the most powerful production car it has ever developed. The element of surprise has partially evaporated after an Instagram user posted a photo of the car taken during a preview event.

Published (but allegedly not taken) by user Sinister_Lifestyle, the photo confirms the design cues hinted at by the various teaser shots published by Ford over the last few months. We see a model-specific front end with large air intakes and a cobra emblem proudly positioned in the middle of a massive grille. The logo has led some observers to speculate Ford will revive the GT500KR name introduced in 1968 on a high-performance model billed, as the initials clearly indicate, as the king of the road.

The leaked photos also show a big wing on the trunk lid and, possibly, carbon fiber wheels. We're no closer to figuring out what's under the hood, though.

Credible but unverified reports point to a supercharged, 5.2-liter V8 engine tuned to make 720 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. Transmission options are unknown. Some say the GT500 will get a 10-speed automatic, others claim it will use a dual-clutch automatic, while the same report that points to a 720-horsepower output lists a six-speed manual transmission. Either way, we believe the eight-cylinder's power will flow to the rear wheels through a driveshaft made out of carbon fiber in order to keep weight check.

Now that the snake is out of the bag, Ford could choose to release more information about the GT500 ahead of its scheduled debut in Detroit.

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