Ford adopts new slogan 'Built Ford Proud' for massive marketing push

The company is doubling down with a fresh advertising campaign as sales slump.

Ford has launched a fresh marketing campaign under the new slogan 'Built Ford Proud.'

Advertisements will attempt to highlight Ford's plan to replace 75 percent of its US lineup by 2020, including an all-new Ranger, Escape and Explorer next year followed by an all-electric performance SUV.

"Every Ford employee I know comes to work each day proud to drive a Ford vehicle and to build great products, services and experiences for our customers," says Ford marketing chief Joy Falotico. "That's at the heart of this campaign."

Television spots will feature actor Bryan Cranston, best known for his star role in "Breaking Bad." Some of the dialogue takes a dig at other automakers that have promoted visions of an autonomous and electric future.

"Let the other guys keep dreaming about the future," Cranston says in one segment. "We'll be the ones building it."

The campaign is particularly important for the Blue Oval after the company reported a few months of lackluster sales.

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