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Next Audi TT morphing into four-door sedan?

by Ronan Glon

It will allegedly reach showrooms by the end of 2020.

Audi has big changes in store for the next generation of the TT, according to a recent report. The sports car -- which celebrates its 20th birthday in 2018 -- will need to morph into a four-door coupe in order to survive.

British magazine Auto Express has learned the two-door TT isn't long for this world. Coupe and convertible sales are declining in key markets, like North America and Europe, and they have never taken off in China. Audi officials couldn't make a favorable business case for a fourth-generation coupe but decided not to kill the nameplate, either.

"If you set falling demand against rising costs, it's obvious Audi cannot sustain its present course in the medium term. Instead, there has been intensive consideration of the coupe and the convertible in the compact segment," an anonymous board member told the magazine.

Expected to reach showrooms by the end of 2020, the fourth-generation TT will arrive as a four-door sedan with a fastback-like roof line. Audi hinted at what a four-door TT could look like when it introduced the TT Sportback concept (pictured) at the 2014 Paris auto show. The new model's proportions will remain roughly the same as the concept's but the front- and rear-end design will evolve.

The sheet metal will hide an updated version of the MQB platform found under the current version of the coupe. Auto Express reports the model's development has been approved by Audi's board of directors; it's a when, not an if. Audi hasn't commented on the report, however, and it hasn't indicated what the future holds for the TT.

If the report is accurate, the fourth-generation TT will compete in the same segment as the Mercedes-Benz CLA. And, going four-door-only means the convertible model will retire to the pantheon of automotive history at the end of the current car's life cycle.

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