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Australia to launch emoji license plates

by Ben Hsu

Brighten up your car with a cartoon face.

Australia will be the first nation to allow emojis on their license plates. The new vehicle identifiers will be part of Personalised Plates Queensland, the state's plate customization program.

Naturally, this raises many questions. For example, will suggestive emojis such as the eggplant and peach be allowed? How about the coil of poop? The answer, according to The Verge, is no. Only five emojis will be allowed: the smiling face, winking face, sunglasses face, hearts-as-eyes face, and laughing to tears face.

So how does one note the emoji on a parking citation or insurance company report? Well, according to the same article, emojis are not actually part of the vehicle registration number. A five-digit alphanumeric string will still identify the vehicle's registration, and emojis can't be the standalone symbols on a plate.

In this way, they operate much like other custom plates offered by Queensland, such as sports team plates or plates of custom color. The emoji plates don't comer cheap. They'll cost 475AUD, or around $350. The program launches March 1, and preorders are already being taken.

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