Waymo shows how its cars deal with schoolkids, predict bicyclist paths

The fleet has now driven more than 10 million real-world miles.

Waymo has posed a few new videos showing how its self-driving minivans deal with obstacles.

The more impressive video demonstrates how the company's technology recognizes a bicyclist and a parked trailer in the bike lane, correctly predicting that the cyclist will swerve into the traffic lane to avoid the trailer.

The second video shows an approach to an intersection near a school when a crossing guard walks into the road with a handheld stop sign, halting all traffic as kids cross in both directions.

"Our vehicles are designed to understand that different types of road users will not behave in the same way; pedestrians, for example, can change direction suddenly," the company wrote in a blog post. "As we work to build the world's most experienced driver, we're putting considerable thought and engineering into ensuring our vehicles can understand cyclists' unique behavior and are ready to act with their safety and protection top of mind."

The Waymo fleet has now traveled more than 10 million real-world miles and benefits from 7 billion miles in computer simulation.

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