Pittsburgh warehouse fire destroys 75+ collectible vehicles

A 1920s-era Bugatti was estimated to be worth several million dollars.

A warehouse fire in the town of Etna, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh has reportedly destroyed scores of collectible vehicles.

Unofficial rumors suggest the blaze originated on the first floor where someone was working on a motorcycle, though the exact cause has yet to be officially declared, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Officials say approximately 200 vehicles were stored in the two-story building, providing plenty of gasoline to spread the fire and destroy many of the vehicles. A sprinkler system failure and alarm malfunction may have contributed to the severity of the inferno.

"There was a significant amount of fuel, which actually early on in the fire exploded and pushed the front wall of the building out," Etna fire chief Greg Porter told KDKA-TV.

Tenant Ross Godber was working on a Bentley on the first floor when he noticed smoke and hopped into a Ferrari to drive out of the building. He was unable to go back and save the Bentley or a 1947 Dodge sedan under restoration.

Godber estimates the building may have housed around $60 million worth of vehicles, including a rare 1920s Bugatti that may have been worth several million alone.

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