Report: CA dissecting Kevin Hart's Barracuda, may consider new regulations

Investigators are said to be focusing on how the 1970 muscle car was restored.

California Highway Patrol investigators are reportedly disassembling Kevin Hart's 1970 Barracuda.

The comedian and another occupant in the car recently sustained serious back injuries in a rollover accident on the Mulholland Highway.
Police sources have told TMZ the agency is involved in a teardown and analysis process that involves a thorough inspection of the internal components. The insiders suggest the CHP may draft a report to the California legislature recommending regulatory changes related to customizing and restoring classic cars.
Safety regulations currently do not require classic cars to have a three-point seat belt if it was not part of the original design, though such an upgrade may have lessened the severity of the back injuries in Hart's crash.
Police are also going to be taking a wider look at how the Barracuda was restored. The car was revived by Speedkore, best known for its carbon-fiber body panels, and was powered by a modern Hellcat V8 engine.

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