Argentina store staff get revenge on mis-parked car

Photos of the car surrounded by carts have gone viral.

Photos showing shopping carts surrounding an allegedly mis-parked car in Argentina have gone viral across the globe.

The Peugeot 208 owner allegedly parked in the cart aisle of a supermarket at a shopping center in the Buenos Aires suburbs. The witness who posted the pictures to social media, Arnold Angelini, speculates that the driver decided to park wherever after failing to find an open spot elsewhere, according to local news outlet El Comodorense.
"He parked where he wanted," Angelini said. "Sometimes there is no place and you have to look elsewhere, but the most laudable thing is what the employees did: it is their job and they are tired of the same thing happening to them."
The witness admits that he did not see who was driving the car, nor when the driver arrived or left from the area, leaving open the possibility of an emergency or some other more reasonable explanation.

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