Average US commute reaches record high in 2018

American workers spend an extra hour a week on the road compared to 1980.

American workers are apparently spending more time on their daily commute, according to US Census Bureau data reviewed by The Washington Post.

The average one-way trip rose to 27 minutes in 2018, setting a new record with an increase of approximately two minutes since 2009.
The extra time adds up to 20 more minutes per week, or 17 extra hours each year. Compared to 1980's numbers, Americans are now spending an additional hour per week on their drive to and from work -- tallying 225 total commuting hours for the full year in 2018.
The trend is said to be driven by an increase in the share of workers with long drives, with nearly 10 percent of commutes now 60 minutes or higher and 4.3 percent of workers facing at least 90 minutes to get to their job.
The analysis does not identify how much of the increase is due to longer drives to work in terms of miles, versus commutes that now take longer due to congestion as government agencies fail to invest in infrastructure expansion.

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