German police crack down on Oktoberfest e-scooter DUI

More than 250 Oktoberfest revelers lost their licenses after drinking and driving on scooters.

German authorities have reported a spike in electric-scooter drunk-driving incidents, leading to hundreds of license suspensions during the recent Oktoberfest celebrations.

Munich police say e-scooters brought them "a lot of extra work" this year. Officers stopped drunken scooter riders no less than 414 times and withheld 254 drivers licenses.
Several traffic accidents were blamed on e-scooters, though all incidents were single-scooter crashes blamed on driver error "without any external influence." Three riders were sent to the hospital for head-wound treatment.
"Since e-scooters are motor vehicles, the rules on alcohol and drugs also apply," Munich police clarified in a press release.
Germany allows drinking at the age of 16 but drivers cannot have any alcohol in their system until they turn 21.

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