Yamaha drops plans to build cars

The Sports Ride and other models developed with Gordon Murray will not see production.

Yamaha has reportedly dropped plans to bring several cars to market, suspending all projects after showing several concepts in recent years.

Designed with help from McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray, the Sports Ride concept debuted in 2015 as an ultralight two-seater that promised to provide a driving experience similar to riding a motorcycle.
The Sports Ride would have been built upon Gordon Murray Design's modular iStream platform architecture, centering around a composite chassis with a simpler construction than a traditional car made of stamped and welded steel.
"Cars do not feature in our long-term plans any more," Yamaha spokesman Naoto Horie said at the Tokyo Motor Show, according to Autocar. "We could not see a way to develop either car to make it stand out from the competition, which is very strong."
The Sports Ride may have been difficult to launch in the US market without spending additional funds to bring it into compliance with vehicle safety regulations. The Polaris Slingshot occupies a similar segment, however it rides on three wheels to avoid the much more extensive laws for four-wheeled cars.
The iStream chassis will underpin TVR's resurrected Griffith, if the project carries through to production.

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