BorgWarner builds all-electric Ariel Nomad [Video]

The off-road EV showcases the company's electric drive technologies.

BorgWarner has created an all-electric Ariel Nomad, showcasing the company's EV technologies in a performance off-road machine.

The Nomad's Honda-sourced 2.4-liter engine and six-speed gearbox have been replaced by dual BorgWarner Hairpin HVH 250 electric motors and gear sets, one for each of the rear wheels. The supplier's inverters are also in full view, thanks to the Nomad's space-frame chassis.
The EV integrates a 30-kWh battery pack from joint-venture partner Romeo Power, using the same style of cylindrical-cell array as Tesla's EVs. The 350-volt module is said to provide a peak power of 268 horsepower, slightly more than the Nomad's internal-combustion specs.
BorgWarner does not say how much its prototype weighs, however it presumably pushes the off-roader past its original weight of just 1,477 pounds.
The Honda K24 engine and gearbox likely accounts for around 400 pounds of the unmodified Nomad's weight. The 30-kWh battery almost certainly weighs at least 275 pounds, while each of the HVH250 motor/gearhead units adds nearly 170 pounds, plus the cooling system, inverters and other gear.
The extra heft does not necessarily make the electric Nomad any slower, as the BorgWarner gear presumably provides much higher torque than the original 221 pound-feet from its gasoline engine. The dual-motor setup also provides the added benefit of torque vectoring, potentially providing a handling advantage.
"We will continue to embrace projects such as this EV demonstration vehicle that help us validate next-generation products and, ultimately, propel the industry toward a cleaner, more energy-efficient world," says BorgWarner CTO Hakan Yilmaz.

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