GM reveals electric E-10 hot rod with 450 hp

The 1962 C-10 pickup has been outfitted with dual Chevy Bolt batteries.

General Motors has debuted the E-10 Concept, a 1962 C-10 pickup transformed into an all-electric hot rod.

The pickup employs a "double stack" of Chevrolet Performance concept electric crate motors, known as eCrate, along with dual Bolt batteries mounted in the bed for a total of 120-kWh.
Approximately 450 horsepower is sent to the rear wheels via a conventional SuperMatic 4L75-E automatic transmission, launching the truck to 60 mph in around five seconds with a quarter-mile time in the high-13-second range.
If drivers want to fit in with the rest of the hot-rod crowd, the E-10 provides a gimmicky sound system that emulates several different V8 engines. Thankfully, the fake noise can be switched off.
The company has not officially announced plans to offer eCrate engines or modular batteries, though the E-10 press release hints that such plans may be in the works. In the meantime, numerous companies are already offering electric motors and other retrofit gear to convert classic or modern internal-combustion cars.

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