Was this Acura Integra Type R really sealed behind a false wall?

The sports coupe is selling for $30,000

This week, a 2001 Acura Integra Type R was "found" sealed behind a false wall inside a barn in Canada. It was shown being freed from its wooden vault in its eBay auction.

The Integra Type R was considered one of the most desirable Japanese cars from the tuner era, thanks to its 195-horsepower twin-cam engine with variable valve timing and lightweight body. Recently prices have been on the rise, with low-mileage examples selling north of the $60,000 mark.

The car in question has about 132,000 km (a bit over 80,000 miles) on the odometer, and is claimed to be one of 250 Championship White examples with red seats, which were available only in Canada in 2001.

But, was the car really a barn find as purported? The car and auction was discovered by Barnfinds and subsequently reposted on other sites. Fox News claimed that the car had been walled inside the barn for 10 years. It should be noted, though, that is not mentioned in the auction itself, nor is there any actual mention of the car being sealed behind the false wall.

Also, the car isn't mint. A closeup of the door shows a three-inch dent with scratches that appear to have gone beneath the paint, along with several more imperfections and dirt from debris. The listing also says the front bumper has perhaps been repainted. The seats also show some dirt. One would think that if it was going to be sealed up, they would have cleaned it first. According to some Honda forums, the feeling is that one should take the story with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, it does appear to be an actual Canadian-spec Type R. If you're interested, you can find more photos on eBay, the car located in Ch√Ęteauguay, Quebec, and an asking price of $39,999.99 CDN ($29,950 USD).

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