Acura trademark hints at Legend revival

Could Acura be bringing the Legend back?

Acura has already revived one legend in its NSX sports car, and it appears as though another Legend remake could be in the works -- as in the Acura Legend.

For reasons unknown, Acura has trademarked, according to Autoguide, the Legend name for automotive use in Europe -- a market in which it doesn't compete at all. It could be that Acura is just protecting one of its best-known nameplates, even if it has been off the market since 1995, or perhaps the automaker is planning a Legend revival.

If that revival does happen, it would make the most sense for Acura to rebrand the next-generation of its RLX flagship sedan, which is due for replacement, as the Legend. After all, the Legend was Acura's pinnacle sedan model until it was replaced by the RL, which was eventually replaced by the RLX. And given how little name recognition the RLX has, a switch to Legend could actually have a positive impact on sales.

Of course we now live in a very different world than the one the Legend existed in two-decades ago. Sedans have taken a backseat to SUVs, so it's possible Acura could attach its top nameplate to a utility vehicle. The MDX and RDX are already well established, but the Legend name could gain some traction as an SUV coupe along the lines of the BMW X6.

Another possibility is a compromise between those two options -- a hatchback sedan that's more versatile than a typical four-door car. Think Kia Stinger or Audi A7. That direction could also give Acura the freedom to give the Legend stand-out styling.

What the future holds for the Legend name remains unknown, but at least there is a sliver of hope that the famed nameplate will be making a return.

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