Honda recalls 14,078 Acura ILX sedans over flaming headlights

A fire risk has prompted Honda to recall 2013-2014 Acura ILX sedans.

Honda is calling back 14,078 Acura ILX and ILX Hybrid sedans from the 2013-2014 model years to address a fire risk that stems from defective headlights.

In a posting on its website, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association said that "excessive heat temperatures around the headlight bulb and reflector unit may diminish the output of the headlight and cause smoke, melting, and fire.

"The diminished light output may decrease the driver's visibility, increasing the risk of a crash. Additionally, the excessive heat coming from around the bulb and reflector could cause the headlights to overheat, increasing the risk of a fire.”

No injuries have been linked to the problem, which is caused by a headlight assembly that does not allow sufficient heat dissipation when the ILX is not in motion.

The issue was first reported by the Flatirons Acura dealership in Boulder, Colorado, according to documents filed with the NHTSA.

"The fire appeared to have started in the headlight area while the vehicle was idling in a stationary position with the headlights illuminated," Honda said. "The dealer reported that the vehicle had been idling in this position for approximately two hours to charge the battery when fire was observed."

The recall is scheduled to begin on July 28, at which time dealerships will replace the headlights free of charge.

Dealers have been issued a stop sale order to prevent the affected vehicles from being purchased until they are repaired.

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