Acura NSX could get all-electric, hardcore Type R variants

The gasoline-only and battery-only builds may be developed from purpose-built hill climb racers into production cars.

A Honda executive has hinted at a handful of potential Acura NSX variants under consideration for production.

The inaugural edition boasts a powerful hybrid system with a twin-turbocharged V6 and three electric motors. The power sources boast a combined output of 573 horsepower and 476 lb-ft of torque.

Engineers have already created a few more adaptations for the recent Pikes Peak hill climb, including an all-electric model (pictured) and a lightened car with a few tweaks to improve power output. The company is also working on a track-only NSX GT3 racer, which omits the hybrid system.

Speaking to Autocar, NSX project lead Ted Klaus suggests the race cars are allowing the company to explore various powertrains for future street-legal production variants. The NSX is said to have been developed as a platform, engineered from the start as a flexible architecture for a whole family of cars.

Klaus points to the modified Pikes Peak car as the "general direction" Honda plans to pursue, fulfilling an internal desire to make a "more pure, simplified version." The GT3 car is viewed as another inspiration, potentially leading to a rear-wheel-drive Type R edition with no hybrid AWD gear, while an EV could take the opposite tack by removing the gasoline engine and adding more batteries.

The company has not yet publicly disclosed a time-frame for expanding the NSX family. The projects, if confirmed, are presumably a few years away from production, as the current model is just starting its first year of availability.

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