Acura NSX pair filmed during Nurburgring testing

Could the cars indicate a performance variant?

A mysterious new Acura NSX has been spotted testing on the Nurburgring. Actually, there were two, with one notably louder than the other.

The Honda supercars were filmed tackling the "carousel" section of the circuit, a banked hairpin turn that makes almost a full circle. A silver specimen is the first to pass, emitting the sound of a finely tuned machine. It's followed by a black example, which growls menacingly as it approaches the turn, and then proceeds through with a high-pitched race car-like wail.

Since the moment the car debuted over a year ago, there has been much speculation that Acura will release a more hard-core variant. Some say it will be a lightweight Type R, some say it will be all-electric, some say it will be both.

The car in the video certainly doesn't sound electric. It is possible that the cars were being driven in different modes, as the NSX boasts a variety of them, including Quiet, Sport, Sport+, and the all-out Track mode, in which the active exhaust valve system modulates the sound level.

In any case, the presence of the pair does indicate that Honda has something up its sleeve. The black car even has something taped to the hatch above the engine, possibly a sensor of some sort. They may herald a more performance oriented version, or perhaps Acura intends to ratchet up the performance with yearly improvements like Nissan did with the GT-R.

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