Honda announces Tokyo Auto Salon lineup, including Mugen Legend (Acura RLX)

A space station-inspired supercompact, 6-seater hybrid, and Mugen RLX will grace the booth.

Honda has outlined some of the show cars that will be on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January.

Headlining the display will be the Cyber Concept N-Box Slash Code: 89, a customized version of the recently released N-Box Slash (or simply "N/" according to the tailgate) supercompact. However, while the production version is available with a variety of retro-themed interiors like a pastel-and-ivory Hawaiian surf shack or a red-and-checkerboard 1950s diner, the Code: 89 takes the opposite tack.

It strips away the chrome and dog dish hubcap-style wheels for an design that could be cruising the surface of the Death Star. The upper grille comprised of geometrically arranged hexagons. An "OPEN" arrow on the hood recalls the hatch of a fighter jet space station. Its yawning lower grille is beset with yet more polygons, surrounded by fog lights that glow like the warp core of the starship Enterprise. Even the spokes on the wheels form hexagons.

In addition, Honda is promising Mugen-tuned versions of the Legend (aka Acura RLX), recently-launched Grace (Fit sedan) hybrid, an artsy N-One Relax Concept an N-One built for a one-make race series, and an unnamed new 6-seater hybrid model.

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