Alfa Romeo bringing sub-Stelvio crossover to Geneva? [update]

This could become Alfa's best-seller.

The star of Alfa Romeo's booth at the upcoming 2019 Geneva auto show will be a brand-new crossover, according to a recent report. The high-riding model will rely on familiar hardware to take the Italian company into a lucrative new segment.

The yet-unnamed model will slot below the Stelvio in the Alfa Romeo range, according to Greece's Autoblog. Without citing sources, the publication claims the crossover will ride on a model-specific version of the Giorgio platform found under the aforementioned Stelvio and the Giulia. That means it will come standard with rear-wheel drive, though all-wheel drive will undoubtedly be offered.

Technical specifications are up in the air. The availability of a turbocharged, four-cylinder engine is a given, but it's too early to tell whether a V6 would fit in the crossover's engine bay, or if it would make sense to offer one from a business perspective.

We always take rumors with a big grain of salt, but this one sounds plausible. Alfa Romeo included a sub-Stelvio crossover in the five-year product plan it presented in June of 2018, and launching it as soon as possible would help it reach its goal of selling 400,000 cars annually in a timely manner. If done right, the crossover could become Alfa's best-seller.

The Italian company confirmed it will bring a new model to Geneva, but it hasn't revealed whether it will be a crossover or something else entirely. Check back on March 5 to see what Alfa has in store.

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