Aston Martin announces Lagonda All-Terrain concept for Geneva

We already know it will go into production.

Aston Martin will travel to the 2019 Geneva auto show to preview the second car it plans to launch after it establishes Lagonda as a sub-brand. The concept shown in 2018 previewed a sedan; its follow-up will give us a look at an SUV.

The design study is called Lagonda All-Terrain concept. Aston released a blacked-out teaser image which suggests the model wears a taller rendition of 2018 concept's U-shaped grille with the same thin headlights. We expect the LED fog lights will return, too. Beyond that, what the All-Terrain concept looks like is anyone's guess. Like an all-terrain vehicle, presumably, but considering it's an Aston it might not be simply a box on wheels.

"By taking full advantage of [the concept's] zero emission platform, Lagonda's design team has created a car boasting extraordinary style and space efficiency combined with a rakish design language that demonstrates the unique freedom afforded by Lagonda's commitment to zero emission powertrain technologies," the firm wrote in a statement. It hasn't released technical details yet.

Aston isn't leaving much to the imagination when it comes to what's next. It has already confirmed the Lagonda All-Terrain concept will be put into production, and it will be the first model offered by the brand when it hits the ground running to take on Rolls-Royce and Bentley. The sedan previewed in 2018 will presumably come after. That's a wise move; demand for SUVs is, as everyone knows, outpacing demand for sedans.

Production will take place in a new facility located in St. Athan, Wales. It's the same factory that will build the DBX, Aston Martin's first series-produced SUV.

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