Aston Martin DBX gets $189,900 price tag

The interior has also been revealed.

Aston Martin has teased the DBX's interior and announced pricing details for the US and other markets.

The company says the handcrafted interior has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of body sizes, from the 99th-percentile male down to the 5th-percentile female, with enough movement in the driver's seat and steering column to maintain clear visibility of all controls and through the windows without losing sight of the hood.
Designers sought outside advice, including a female advisory board, to determine control placement and ensure the large displays are integrated seamlessly without interrupting the flow of the overall interior design.
The rear seats have been positioned to provide an "inclusive feeling" without placing the occupants at a higher position than the front seats. The experience is further enhanced by a full-length panoramic glass roof and large side windows.
Pricing will start at $189,900 for American buyers. The DBX is scheduled for its official debut in two weeks.

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