Aston Martin DBX to get pet accessories, gun cabinet

Parents can even buy a luxury baby seat to match the vehicle.

Aston Martin has revealed a range of accessories for the upcoming DBX crossover, offering no less than 11 different gear packages.

The Pet Pack includes a partition and a bumper protector to prevent damage when "scrabbling paws are clambering in and out of the vehicle." A portable washer helps owners clean their pets' paws before hopping back in the spacious cargo space.
Parents of young children may opt for a high-end baby seat, available in three different versions with Aston Martin's logo on the headrest. For older kids, an Essentials package adds a center-console organizer and rear-seat entertainment holder.
The Adventure kit includes mud flaps, roof-rack crossbars, wet-bag storage and heavy-duty tread plates. Additional upgrades are focused on bicycling and skiing, with boot warmers and snow chains.
A Field Sport package includes a gun cabinet for the owner's favorite Purdey side-by-side, along with a shooting stick to ensure lethal shot placement when hunting African behemoths that could easily destroy the DBX if merely wounded and angered.
"From the outset it was envisaged that DBX would become an integral part of customers' everyday lives," says Aston Martin chief Andy Palmer. "With the lifestyle packs I think we have been able to ensure that DBX is a vehicle that not only enables but also enhances experiences."
Pricing will be announced after the DBX begins arriving to customers.

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