Aston Martin Valkyrie aims for Nurburgring record

The company cautions that the Valkyrie is not designed to break Nurburgring records.

Aston Martin has confirmed plans to bring its Valkyrie to Germany for a lap around the Nurburgring.

Speaking to Australia's Carsales, Aston Martin chief Andy Palmer cautioned that the Valkyrie was not purpose-built for a record Nurburgring lap but the company nonetheless sees value in making an attempt.

"In most cases a Nurburgring lap is not important," he said. "However, in some markets, I'm thinking China strangely, a time around the Nurburgring is important to the prowess of a supercar."

The company is considering an nontraditional strategy, perhaps "turning up to an open session," rather than reserving the entire circuit and obsessing over perfect track conditions.

"We already know it will be f---ing quick there," Palmer added.

The company is presumably confident that it can beat the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ's 6:44.97 lap set last year. The ultimate prize, however, involves the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo's 5:19.55 benchmark.

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