Aston Martin's $3.5M 'Goldfinger' DB5 gets faux machine guns, smokescreen [Video]

Many of the gadgets work, except for the guns and ejector seat.

Aston Martin has detailed a few of the interesting gadgets that have been added to the limited-edition 1964 DB5 'Goldfinger' recreation.

Attempting to stay true to the James Bond film, the car integrates replica machine guns that imitate recoil and muzzle flash. The front end is also equipped with battering rams.

Switching to defensive features, the DB5 has a fog machine to leave a smokescreen trail and a rotating license plate holder to switch between different numbers, though none of the recreations will be street legal. As an added bonus, a nozzle ejects fluid behind the vehicle to mimic an oil-slick system.

Despite charging an impressive $3.5 million per vehicle, Aston Martin declined to make a functional ejector seat. Operating the eject button does trigger a "surprise or two," however.

The company only plans to make 25 examples, all of which will include the gadgets.

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