Aston Martin recalls DB11 over inadvertent airbag deployment

Static discharge and a damaged steering column clock spring can trigger the driver airbag.

Aston Martin has issued a recall for the DB11, citing a potential issue with the driver airbag system.

The DB11's upper steering column supplier discovered a potential issue that could cause the airbag to unexpectedly deploy via an electrostatic discharge if the steering wheel clock spring has been damaged and the system is not properly grounded.

"Inadvertent deployment of the driver's airbag can cause injury to the driver and can increase the risk of a potential crash," recall documents warn.

The British automaker has not received any reports of such failures. A driver would first see airbag warning faults and an additional warning message if some of the necessary conditions have been met.

The recall campaign affects more than 1,000 units sold in the US market. All will receive additional grounding to prevent the airbag from being triggered without a signal from the control module.

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