Geneva: Aston Martin Vanquish Vision mid-engine supercar concept

Aston Martin plans to bring mid-engine performance to the Vanquish nameplate.

British grand touring car builder Aston Martin brought news of several concepts to Geneva this week, but perhaps most significant among them is the Vanquish Vision concept: a mid-engine supercar to carry the iconic nameplate.

To say that the details of Aston's new supercar concept are vague would be understating it. The company says that the production result of the Vanquish Vision project will be a more graceful, understated take on the supercar formula, leaving the hard-edged approach to the company's AM-RB lineup (which evolved from the Valkyrie).

"The Vanquish Vision Concept has a more seductive and less technical appearance than Aston Martin Valkyrie and AM-RB 003, but it's still extreme in terms of visual gestures," said Miles Nurnberger, Aston Martin director of design, in the announcement.

"For example, it has a very distinctive clamshell front fender, with openings so you can see through onto the tyre. There's less of the negative space that defines the look of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and AM-RB 003. It's a prettier car, and purposely so, as it's been designed to thrive in a less extreme performance envelope," Nurnberger continued.

To that end, the Vanquish Vision concept will be based on an aluminum chassis, rather than the carbon fiber construction of the company's high-end supercar line. In addition, Aston Martin revealed that the Vanquish Vision will be powered by the company's new V6, which is debuting in the AM-RB 003 as part of a hybrid powertrain.

Further details will come as the Vision's development continues.

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