Geneva LIVE: Lagonda Vision Concept

Aston Martin is relaunched its Lagonda sub-brand as a zero emissions luxury brand.

Aston Martin is best-known for its fun-to-drive coupes and convertibles, but the British automaker is taking a decidedly different direction at this year's Geneva Motor Show. Instead of launching an all-new V12 supercar, Aston Martin has decided to launch the world's first zero emissions luxury brand.

Borrowing a name from its history books, Aston's new electric sub-brand is known as Lagonda. The zero emissions luxury marque will eventually field a full lineup of vehicles, but Lagonda is showing a sedan-like vehicle called the Lagonda Vision Concept in Geneva.

Unlike a typical Aston Martin product, the Lagonda Vision Concept was designed from the inside out. That means the interior of the Vision Concept is completely designed with passenger comfort in mind. As such, the Vision Concept's seats are more like armchairs with thick padding and sturdy armrests. Lagonda also managed to mount the front seats on runners that extend from the outside of the vehicle, thereby increasing foot room for rear seat passengers.

The interior of the Vision Concept is extremely well appointed, but not with the kind of materials typically associated with a luxury vehicle. In place of leather and wood the Vision Concept features wool and ceramics. And that luxurious cabin is easier to get in to and out of thanks to a set of doors that have a top panel that includes the roof.

Lagonda hasn't revealed any technical details about the Vision Concept, but the company says the car utilizes an electric drivetrain with four-wheel drive. Solid state batteries provide a range up to 400 miles and those batteries can be topped up via a wireless charging system.

In addition to maximizing interior space, the use of the electric drivetrain has also allowed Lagonda to shrink the overall size of the Vision Concept. Again, exact specs weren't given, but Lagonda says the Vision Concept is smaller than a typical luxury limousine.

The Lagonda Vision Concept is said to be capable of level four autonomous driving, which means it can pilot itself in routine situations. Thanks to that level of autonomy, Lagonda was able to equip the Vision Concept with a steering wheel that can be moved to either side of the vehicle, or retracted into the dash completely. Once that steering wheel is stowed, the front seats can swivel 180 degrees to face the rear passengers.

Lagonda says a version of the Vision Concept will enter production in 2021. Two other miniaturized concept cars — a coupe and SUV — were also shown in Geneva; Lagonda says those vehicle could launch by 2023.

Live photography by Ronan Glon.

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