Amid delays, Audi e-tron buyers cry foul over $6,800 cancellation penalty

Some customers have reportedly been told they will have to wait an extra six months. 

Audi's production hiccups with the e-tron crossover have sparked frustration among buyers, some of whom are complaining of steep cancellation penalties.

The e-tron EV is finally making its way to customers after months of delays, forcing some reservation holders to wait an extra six months to receive their purchase, according to a Tek.no report spotted by Teslarati.

One Norwegian customer claims to have been warned of the six-month delay and provided with two other options, either upgrade to the "Fast Track" variant that costs an extra $11,000 or pay an eight-percent cancellation fee that amounts to around $6,800.

Echoing one of the issues Tesla faced in ramping up Model 3 output, Audi is reportedly experiencing trouble with battery supplies for the e-tron.

Tesla initially offered a fully refundable deposit program for the Model 3, until last year when output volume increased and the company switched to a non-refundable $2,500 deposit. Now, Tesla buyers can get a full refund for up to seven days or 1,000 miles after taking delivery of the vehicle.

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