Audi confirms PB18 e-tron for limited production

The company will only build 50 of the electric supercars.

An Audi executive has reportedly confirmed that the PB18 e-tron concept will be put into production.

Interim Audi chief executive Bram Schot slipped the information at an event in Amsterdam, announcing that the electric supercar will roll off the assembly line with a run of just 50 units, according to the Dutch outlet AutoWeek.

Unveiled in Pebble Beach, the PB18 was presented as a driver-focused coupe that enables the seating position to be moved from side to center. With a solid-state battery, dual power units deliver 764 horsepower and 612 pound-feet of torque. A launch from zero to 62 mph is expected to take just a bit longer than two seconds.

Solid-state batteries have not yet been demonstrated to achieve production viability in electric vehicles. It is unclear if Volkswagen Group is waiting for the 'breakthrough' tech to come to fruition, or simply willing to switch to a more traditional lithium-ion pack for production cars.

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