Audi reveals e-tron Scooter concept

Audi reveals e-tron Scooter concept

The German luxury marque apparently wants in on the scooter wars.

Audi has revealed the e-tron Scooter concept, yet another e-scooter that aims to solve "last mile" mobility.

Borrowing its branding from Audi's electric vehicles, the 26-pound scooter can cruise for up to 12.5 miles at speeds of up to 12.5 miles per hour.

The automaker has attempted to distinguish the concept as part scooter and skateboard, allowing riders to keep one hand free and shift their weight to steer. Movable axles are said to allow maneuvers on "unusually tight" curves.

"Of course the e-tron Scooter also moves straight ahead," says Audi micro-mobility manager Thorsten Schrader. "But the feeling of flow only comes when you start carving on asphalt - and that is surprisingly easy with our new concept."

The company plans to begin selling the scooters to private buyers by late 2020, with a price tag around 2,000 euros (~$2,235 USD). Fleet sales have been mentioned as a possibility, along with package deals using the scooter as a free add-on when buying a new Audi vehicle.